Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch

St. Augustine Catholic School uses a third party vendor to provide lunch for our students. This upcoming school year, we will be working with a new vendor. Please visit and review lunch menus in advance. 

Children eat lunch in the school hall and should have lunch boxes in which to carry their food. Kindly make sure all lunch boxes and lunch bags are labeled.  Students are expected to take uneaten food home so that parents are aware of what their children have eaten.

Students who forget their lunches will be provided a snack. Parents who deliver homemade lunches must leave them in the office for delivery by the office staff.  Fast food restaurant lunches and soft drinks will not be permitted. 

NOTE: To help promote a healthy lifestyle and be considerate of the many allergies our students deal with, as applicable, please bring in “non-food” related birthday surprises.

Hot lunches are provided Monday through Friday.  Menus and ordering are done online .


Snacks should be sent into school with the intent to provide students with energy, so no candy, cookies, or desserts will be permitted during snack time.  Students in Grades PK-5 are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat during the morning. Due to increasing life-threatening food allergies, particularly peanut and tree nut allergies, students are not permitted to bring products with nuts or peanut butter for a snack. The classroom is a peanut, nut and peanut product restricted zone. These products are permitted for lunch in the hall only.  In an effort to keep all of our students’ safe, we have composed a suggested snack list for those foods brought into the classroom. Due to the age of a middle school student, switching classes and instruction interruption, students who medically need a snack before or after lunch, should provide a doctor’s note stating this need to the school office.

* All Class Parties at which food is served must adhere to the peanut and nut-free policy.  The ingredients list must not include nuts or peanuts.  Foods with “may contain” on labels should not be served in the classroom. To provide a safeguard, no student should bring in food to share with the class aside from designated classroom parties that have been approved by the classroom teacher.


Fresh fruits and vegetables

Dried fruit (no nuts added)


Pretzels (regular flavor)


Popcorn (regular flavor)

Cheese/Cheese sticks


½ Sandwich


* Note:  Granola bars contain nuts

Nutri-Grain Bars and Kellogg’s Pastry Crisps are acceptable

* Note:  Desserts/candy are not acceptable during snack time


Please contact Mrs. Cynkar at, Office Manager with any questions regarding ordering lunch.