We encourage all families interested in learning about St. Augustine Catholic School to attend one of our Open House events (January 29th upcoming) or schedule a visit. Contact Mrs. Jennifer Ross for a tour and to answer any questions, Visit our St. Augustine School Facebook page to get a feel for our school and parish community.

Interested in becoming a part of our St. Augustine Catholic School family, or ready to take the next step for your child's education, find more information at How to Apply.

The St. Augustine Catholic School administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to the formation of the whole child. Faith, academics, leadership and service are our pillars. Jesus Christ is our cornerstone.

We strive to remember and remind one another that a joyful spirit, compassion, understanding, and laughter can often be the vehicle used to deliver some of the most important lessons we will ever teach that remain with our students.

We embrace the awesome responsibility that God has called us to with our faith ministry of developing Disciples of Christ in our words, thoughts and actions. We are grateful for our parents and their dedication to Catholic education and strive to model all He calls us to be daily.

Thank you for choosing St. Augustine Catholic School as a possible option for your child. We would be honored to partner with you on this chapter of their academic journey.