Alert Save the Date - Wednesday, August 28 Middle School Orientation and PK-5th supply drop-off

Letter from School Leadership

Dear St. Augustine Student and Parent,
It is indeed our pleasure to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year at St. Augustine Catholic School.
The St. Augustine Catholic School faculty, staff and parish of Catholic Community of Ascension and St. Augustine (CCASTA) accept the great responsibility of educating our future. We accept this awesome responsibility with humility, vigor, compassion and courage. We pledge to you our passion for the individual security, safety and success of each child. We offer our unfailing desire to serve our students and our community and to give them the necessary skills to become competent problem solvers and outstanding faith-filled citizens! What parents value or believe defines what is important to their children. When we value faith and education and believe it is important, so will our children. Our partnership with you in this shared value is critical; your child’s faith development and education is our priority!
The St. Augustine team, parents, and parish community share a common vision. We strive to provide rigorous academic programing, steeped in our Catholic values, in a safe, warm and nurturing learning environment. We aim to create learning environments where students blossom and grow as Disciples of Christ and leaders for today and tomorrow.  It is our goal that all students will leave St. Augustine able to read, write, and compute at successful levels that will enable them to experience academic success, ready to enter a Catholic high school. We want all our students to develop an understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ while they walk our halls, so they can feel confident in their faith as they enter high school and prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.
To ensure this success, the St. Augustine faculty and staff are dedicated to the use of sound instructional practices and high quality instructional materials, including the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. Our instructional programs combine skill instruction, phonics, cognitively guided instruction in math, and literacy instruction that are embedded within a meaningful context throughout our curriculum. Our focus is for students to develop a strong academic core through the use of technology with an intentional focus on meeting the needs of each individual learner.
Our school focus this year is SERVICE…when we serve others, we serve Christ!
We are excited to be working with such a talented and dedicated staff in a school where parents are supportive and collaborative in the learning and faith formation process. We take seriously our responsibility to nourish, protect and develop children to their fullest potential for the glory of God. We look forward to working alongside each of you through the school year at various school and parish gatherings. Thank you for your trust in us and choosing St. Augustine as your school of choice!
Striving to develop Disciples of Christ~
Denise Ball, Principal   

Fr. John Williamson, Pastor