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Letter from School Leadership

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing St. Augustine Catholic School! As a professional learning community, we are looking at all aspects of the programs we offer, ensuring a focus on faith development and learning across the grade levels and to develop the many gifts God has given each of our students.   

We are proud to be the oldest PreK-8 Catholic School for the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  St. Augustine, has been providing a strong Catholic education over 160 years.  To ensure our academic programs are relevant and strategies used within the classroom are current, we must continue to evaluate, reflect, and seek ways to meet the needs of our students.  We will continue to strive to do this through relevant professional development, sharing our best practices with one another and other schools and through listening to our students and parents, our stakeholders.

This summer, we are going through a transformational change in areas of our school, to include but not limited to a new phone and PA system, classroom design and furniture updates and a Maker Space room is being created. Your SAS faculty have also been meeting and discussing curriculum. Students in grades K-5 will be getting a new Reading textbook series, that is designed to ensure curriculum and grade-level alignment. Families will return to see not only visible changes/enhancements, but the St. Augustine Catholic School faculty and staff are also using this summer and upcoming school year as a transformational opportunity to build as one Catholic team through prayer and individual and team professional development.

We will be intentional utilizing words to empower and promote creativity, endurance and collaboration.  Classroom design will be created to allow students opportunities for flexible seating. School/student schedules will be designed to enhance creativity while maximizing academic instructional time in alignment with state guidelines.  We are a committed professional learning team
choosing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ at St. Augustine Catholic School. 

Our school theme for the 2017-18 school year is “Mercy”.  We will be discussing as a team and develop lessons deigned to promote awareness in how we give, share, and model His Mercy in our words and actions.  We encourage our SAS School community to partner with us on this endeavor, so our students, your children, see the power of the Holy Spirit work within our school, our families, and community.  We hope to provide opportunities for our students to see the amazing effects Mercy can have when we give it to someone who might not deserve it, or we speak it, when it would be easier to join in gossip, or stir the pot away from His light. 

We take the faith development of your children, our team, and community seriously.  We are so blessed to have Father John, a pastor who supports and promotes Catholic education.  Together we can do great things for His glory. 

Yours in Christ,

Denise Ball